Kumbaya Helps Teens Seeking Paid Gigs

Kumbaya (MyKumbaya, Inc.) today launched the first communal marketplace offering safe connections for 30 million GenZ teens to virtual and in-person care-related job opportunities. Teens can now use the Kumbaya app to find gigs for the summer and beyond.

Teen jobs are disappearing. 50% of teen job opportunities have been eliminated in the last few decades, with COVID-19 alone removing nearly 40 million jobs from the U.S. market. Experts fear that the summer of 2020 may be the worst teen job environment since the Great Depression. Kumbaya is throwing a lifeline by leveraging existing networks of socially connected parents to create communal job markets in which only teens recommended by their parents and trusted by other network members can provide valuable services at the time they are needed.

“Kumbaya is the world’s first market created specifically to help teens find the types of jobs that are typically available during the summer months and beyond — especially virtual jobs for times like this,” said Chen Levanon, Kumbaya’s CEO and Co-founder of Kumbaya. “We are also ensuring the safety of our users by making the site a marketplace where the parents are already friends, and recommendations about their children serve to reinforce a system of trust. We feel that this is extremely timely as we enter into a very unusual and trying summer, so we have decided to make the service temporarily free of charge.”

“As both Chen and I are working moms, we saw the need for a teen gig app built on trust, community and education,” added Dr. Adi Zief-Balteriski, Chief Behavioral Officer and Co-founder of Kumbaya. “Teens are motivated, future-orientated and have a strong need for financial independence. They want to make money from an early age. It struck us that there was nothing out there designed specifically with teens in mind, and this segment of the market is quite unique. Our app has heightened sensitivity regarding safety, regulations, the types of jobs offered, the complexity of reaching them, and other key factors. We took on the challenge with a vision to create an entirely different work environment for teens.”

Teens in the U.S. typically earn around $2000 to $5000 during the summer, and can now do so through the Kumbaya app. Kumbaya aims to connect parents who need care help such as babysitting, tutoring, and arts and crafts lessons to keep their children occupied as they work from home, with GenZ teens looking to make extra pocket money during their downtime. The app also looks to accommodate modern families that live fast-paced lifestyles with little free time and significant day-to-day challenges, especially with many parents working from home indefinitely.

In the two months prior to its launch, Kumbaya has garnered more than 600 users and initiated over 350 virtual paid gigs with more than 150 teens registered by their parents. The site will also launch in-person gig requests this summer, taking into consideration local health and safety guidelines across the nation.

“Let’s find a way to thrive together in this unprecedented environment,” continued Levanon. “Parents and teens can pave the way for everyone to benefit despite COVID-19. This is a silver lining on an otherwise very cloudy summer.”

About Kumbaya (MyKumbaya, Inc.)
Kumbaya App is the first communal marketplace to safely help GenZ teens find gig job opportunities in the care industry, including virtual and in-person tutoring, babysitting, pet walking, music lessons, arts & crafts and more. The app connects parents who need care assistance to trusted teens in their network of contacts who are looking to make money. The Kumbaya App is the safest and most private way for parents to easily hire teens in their community. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, the team serves to build multigenerational trust, community and education.

Kumbaya can be downloaded on the App Store for iOS devices, or Google Play for Android. For more information, visit the website at http://www.mykumbaya.com.