Keep your eyes safe from this hidden summer threat

Summer fun this year — even more than usual — is all about the great outdoors. Whether hiking, at the beach, or just relaxing at your local park, people are spending more time than ever outside.

You wouldn’t risk a sunburn by going out without sunscreen. So why would you risk your eyes? That’s right — you can get sunburn on your eyes. The condition, called photokeratitis, is caused when UV rays burn the surface of your cornea. It can cause pain, blurriness, and even temporary vision loss.

Prolonged UV exposure can also have long-term effects on your eye health, including cataracts and eye cancer. Even on cloudy days, you’re still exposed. The best way to protect your eyes? Wearing UV-protective lenses, both in your glasses and sunglasses.

In addition to regularly using UV protection, it’s important to keep up with regular vision care appointments, where a doctor can evaluate your eye health and catch any problems early.

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