Keep Company Culture and Morale Alive while Working Virtually

The entire world has had to adapt to COVID, and every industry has been affected without exception. Working remotely has its benefits; however, there are setbacks that can be significant when the transition is made too swiftly. How can your team rebuild the same company culture in a virtual space?

COVID has changed the way your company functions, but has it also changed the way your employees function? A recent study has shown that social-isolation can have harmful effects for some, such as: depression, poor sleep quality, impaired cognitive and executive function and impaired immune systems. These are all consequences of a drastic change in your company culture. 

Company culture is developed and built through years of nurturing; it is vital to the success of your company that culture and corporate morale is maintained while working from home. For some, going into the office is the change in scenery they need to be able to thrive professionally and mentally. Your employees are your most valuable asset and it is crucial they feel supported both professionally and mentally during this dramatic transition. 

How to maintain Company Culture at Home & Keep Morale Alive 1. Check in with your employees

It may

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