Jobble: Dedicated to Empowering the Gig Economy

With millions of Americans struggling with unemployment right now in the midst of the global pandemic, many of them are turning to the gig economy for flexible work and paychecks. Jobble is dedicated to empowering the gig economy by providing jobs and exclusive deals. We’re here to help you do more than just make ends meet. We’re here to help you feel empowered and supported, on the job and after.

At the Start of the Pandemic

Americans turned to the gig economy for financial flexibility when businesses closed this year. Independent contractors and temporary workers faced a severe increase in competition for jobs as new workers joined online platforms. In response, Jobble increased efforts to identify, vet and provide essential work to our nationwide worker community.

“Before COVID, we were here working hard to put people to work across the country,” said Zach Smith, CEO of Jobble. “We had events, warehousing and a variety of other industries posting opportunities. When the pandemic hit, we didn’t blink. Before everything closed, we were already connecting essential businesses with essential workers across the country.”

Jobble was diligent in ensuring Jobblers were provided safe opportunities. We provided as much job and

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