Is social media essential for freelancers? Maybe not.

October 2019. I realized that my productivity was being deeply affected by social media. Don’t get me wrong: I work with digital marketing, and I recognize the importance of social media. It’s useful, and a crucial piece of our present landscape. Social media allows a connection that few other platforms provide today.

I also know that when we get sucked in by technology, it’s mostly our responsibility. We control the relationship that we have with social media and technology, and how we use then.

And though I wasn’t the most active person on social media, I was being sucked in by a spiral of voyeurism that was making me a robot. I was suffering the most significant effect of social media: the automatism of my thoughts and my actions. Here’s what happened:

Thought control

My thoughts started to be deeply influenced by what I read in the comments on pages belonging to people with jobs similar to mine. As a result, I produced content that I knew would drive traffic to my website, because I knew people wanted these types of digital products.

It’s a significant benefit for those working as digital entrepreneurs that social media allows us to have valuable feedback on what we

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