Is it time to rewrite your career rules?

They’re building a new house across the street from us.

Not sort of across the street. I mean directly across.

So close that you could stand on my front step and, with a really good heave, toss a chicken leg into the hole where they just poured the foundation (not that I’ve ever done this more than twice).

And so, as you might imagine, there are often a number of construction-type vehicles around. Such was the case yesterday afternoon when I left home to drive to my office.

There was a huge dump truck filled with gravel parked on the road. Next to it, moving back and forth with each trip, was an even bigger excavator on tank treads picking up scoops of gravel and dropping them into the foundation.

It was very noisy and very cramped out on the street. I knew I had to be careful as I backed out of the garage.

So I went slowly, eventually getting past the commotion and heading on my way.

I hadn’t gone more than 50 feet when I thought, Wow, it’s amazing how noisy it still is.

I kept driving, but something didn’t seem quite right. So I stopped. Uh oh… so did the noise.

I got out, walked

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