Introducing Food Is Forever ahead of Valentine’s Day

Introducing Food Is Forever this Valentine’s Day

You think you’ve found your always and forever, and out of that blissful love, decide to mark that love with a tattoo of your beloved’s name or a symbol inked into your body. So what do you do when that fairytale doesn’t exactly pan out? Regardless of why it ended, hearts move on, but ink? Not so much.

Valentine’s day is just a few days away, and in time for the holiday, DoorDash covered tattoos of exes (with food)! DoorDash flew in lucky winners to LA to get their ex’s name tattoo covered up with a tattoo of their favorite food done by celebrity tattoo artist, Mister Cartoon. Cartoon, who has inked Beyoncé, Travis Scott, Justin Timberlake, and Snoop Dogg, created custom sketches and did all the foodie inking on 2/3. To enter, contestants had to post a photo of their ex tattoo on Instagram or Twitter using #FoodIsForever and tagging @DoorDash.

Plus, during Valentine’s Day week, from 2/7/2020–2/14/2020, the first 400 people who post a photo of their own food tattoos on Twitter using #FoodIsForever will receive a complimentary Valentine’s Day Dinner! ($25 credit).

In a recent survey commissioned by DoorDash*, over 63% of tattooed Americans regret getting

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