and The Second Shift Partner to Provide Well-Paid Freelance Jobs to Women, an online network that connects startups to large enterprises through the business networks of freelancers, today announced that it has partnered with The Second Shift, the leading freelancing network for independent, working women.

The partnership connects’s female member base to premium freelance opportunities while providing The Second Shift’s 3,000 female members access to an immediate revenue stream by monetizing their business networks. connects startups to large businesses through male and female freelance insiders, connectors and sales pros, known as “Hunterz,” with established connections within these businesses. Each Hunter is paid by as soon as an introduction takes place. When The Second Shift members make introductions on the’s network, they will receive immediate payment of $650 via PayPal.

“Authentic, trusted business relationships are now more valuable than ever as we all work from home through digital platforms,” said Noam Weisman, CEO and co-founder of “Not only does this partnership connect women to a growing network of their peers and premium freelancing opportunities, it also enables them to monetize their business connections in a way that they have not done in the past – by connecting B2B startups to larger businesses.”

“Gender norms are continuing to shift as more women embrace business networking – characteristics traditionally reserved for men,” said Jenny Galluzzo, co-founder of The Second Shift. “Our partnership with gives women another platform to grow and monetize their business networks, as well as more freedom in how, when and what they do for work.”

Networking and Employment Trends 2020 Survey Identifies Key Opportunities for Working Women

Prior to announcing this partnership, and The Second Shift surveyed their member networks to gauge freelancer thoughts on various employment and networking related topics. Eighty four percent of respondents were female and several key observations emerged, one of the most striking being the opportunity for women to be compensated for business introductions that were otherwise going unpaid, a trend that Second Shift hopes its partnership with will help change.

Key survey highlights:

  • 77% do not expect compensation for making a connection and/or business introduction
  • 93% have previously been salaried, but 66% prefer freelance work
  • 60% of respondents consider themselves part of the gig economy
  • Over 50% are involved 2-3 business networks
  • 59% consider the current COVID-19 crisis as “somewhat” of a networking opportunity compared to 14% who think it is not

As one of the only platforms of its kind, works to empower freelancers to make the human cloud work for them, and in partnering with The Second Shift, aims to ensure that women are given equal access, and pay, by monetizing their networks.

Additionally, female survey respondents overwhelmingly expressed enthusiasm for more networking opportunities and looked favorably on virtual modes of networking. Whereas men have traditionally preferred one-on-one, in-person networking more than women, female respondents expressed an eagerness to embrace digital networking, positioning them more likely to thrive in the current climate. In addition to leveraging both the and The Second Shift platforms, female members will be able to strengthen their networking and freelancing skills through a series of webinars, talks and events.

The full and The Second Shift Networking and Employment Trends 2020 Survey, is available upon request.