“HR Tech” Startup Communo Nabs $3.3M

One more point for “startup-team Canada” as Calgary-based Communo announced early this morning that it raised $3.3 million (Canadian, which is $2.5M in American paper) for its marketers-as-a-service platform.

Communo co-founder and CEO Ryan Gill said the platform connected over 40,000 users with marketers, creative talent, and consultants to hit the $25 million deal mark in 2019. If Communo sounds like “Upwork for marketers” or Craigslist-for-marketers-with-less-chaos” — that’s exactly what it is.

Launched in 2016, Gill went upstream of his own marketing film, Cult, as he saw potential clients struggle with a myriad of marketing options and few good avenues to identify or select the right marketers at the right budget. Anecdotally, Grit Daily’s sleuths see “requests for proposals” on Facebook and LinkedIn all the time — as if whoever is the fastest to recommend “their friend” is a good way to pick your next designer, developer, or public relations rep.

Communo puts daylight into an otherwise muddy, fragmented freelance marketing market.

Communo caught the attention of Panache Ventures in 2018 when the company raised its first million. The current round of funding came from Brett Wilson, a former CBC “The Dragon’s Den” panelist (Canada’s “Shark Tank equivalent”), Frank

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