How You Can Identify & Keep Gig Economy Talent

Whether you hire seasonal workers or need an occasional extra hand, the gig economy workforce can be a great tool. To maximize your ROI and capitalize on the time you spend finding new gig workers, you should identify individuals who could be a longer-term solution for your business. Then, ensure they stay engaged by communicating clearly and often. If you can keep gig economy talent engaged, you can strengthen your reputation amongst a flexible workforce. This will also give your company someone to call when you’re in a tight spot.


Create a talent pipeline for your permanent team

Whenever you are looking for a temporary hire, do your best to consider future opportunities and benefits. Think about what a potential team member brings to the table before you make your decision. Be selective in your choices by looking at temporary hires as a pipeline for permanent team members. You are more likely to choose someone who would be a good fit for your company overall if you act intentionally. This will put you in a great position to keep gig economy talent you want to rehire.

Include details about your company’s values and culture in each

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