How writers deal with rejection

For writers, it’s not uncommon to receive hundreds of rejection letters every year. After your first few dozen, this industry can start to feel soul-crushing. You might start wondering why you bother, or, even worse, feel like you don’t have what it takes.

This is when you have to keep going, no matter what, so that you can achieve your writing dreams. Here’s how to recover when rejection has you doubting yourself:

1. Remember that feedback is subjective.

When it comes to writing, all feedback is subjective. There’s no doubt about it. One editor might think that your piece is the best thing since sliced bread. Another editor might think that it’s lacking in description, because he loves pieces with extensive description about everyone and everything. Neither one is better or worse, just different.

The bottom line is that each editor has very different tastes, and it can affect their decisions when it comes to your writing. Even tougher to swallow, an editor might really enjoy your piece but it doesn’t fit with what her magazine is publishing right now. These are all aspects of the publishing world that you have to keep in mind.

2. Take constructive feedback to heart.

On occasion, editors

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