How to write a better invoice

You’ve quit your 9-to-5 nightmare to pursue your dreams. You’ve created a cozy home office, got your first clients, and are working slowly but surely toward your goals. But there’s one tiny problem.

It seems like your clients think freelance is free. While not getting paid at all is a problem you can only solve by not working with unreputable companies, there’s one sure method to get paid faster: write your invoices with psychology in mind.

Here are some things to consider next time you’re ready to get paid:

1. Make sure everything’s right

This tip can hardly be called psychology-based, but it’s an important one. Before you send an invoice, check and double-check to make sure everything’s right.

If you make a mistake in the total you’re owed or the billing address, it could take lots of time to sort out the misunderstanding. The worst clients may simply ignore the invoice since it’s incorrect and wait for you to figure out the mistake on your own.

2. Set a realistic time frame

Making a living as a freelancer can be challenging. One month, you’re busy and rich, and the next month, you’re struggling to find a client while burning through your savings.

It’s no wonder many

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