How to Prevent No Shows

You’ve spent hours sourcing and screening the perfect person for your job and are confident in the candidate you’ve selected. They’re a culture fit, they have the experience, even confirmed their shift, everything seems perfect… and then the candidate no-shows. Now you’re scrambling to find a replacement, and are suddenly back to square one.

If you own a business or you’re in charge of hiring, you’ve probably experienced your fair share of employee no-shows. And if you’re someone who wears many hats, the repercussions can take you away from other important managerial responsibilities. It’s frustrating, no one in the industry likes when candidates bail on their shift, yet no-shows affect all types of industries, big or small.

Your first reaction may be to get upset with the candidate or the agency you used, for their lack of professionalism. Bust these feelings, though justifiable, can be avoided by implementing different strategies into your recruiting process. The next time you post a job, use this as a guide to ensure the people you expect to show up, actually show up.


Why do they happen?

The absence is completely legitimate. From severe weather to family emergencies, until you’ve contacted no-shows, you

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