How to Prepare for a First Day at Work: A Guide for Gig Workers and Managers

There are plenty of resources available to show managers and new employees how to best navigate a first day at work. But many of these don’t address the types of first days that occur in the gig economy. When managers and independent workers connect, they could experience hundreds of first days with a constantly changing cast of companies and characters.

We know that managers put a lot of thought and detail into their job posts and descriptions. Similarly, gig workers could spend hours browsing through job opportunities, looking for the right one. When you finally connect, how do you ensure that there is a positive first day experience for both parties?

Follow this guide for a side-by-side walkthrough of a successful first day at work for both a manager and a gig worker. 

After You Hire and Connect


Finally finding the right talent to join your team is exciting! Once you decide to hire a gig worker to your team, connect with them immediately. This is your opportunity to provide additional information not covered in your job post, like who they can contact or where they should go when they arrive on site. Make sure you keep an

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