How to Maximize Your Shift Postings

How to Maximize Your Shift Postings

Whether you’ve been with Upshift for a significant amount of time or are just starting to post shifts on our platform, here are some helpful tips on how to appeal to our workforce and to better ensure they come prepared, on time, and in the proper uniform/attire. 1. Make Sure to Mention All Incentives/Benefits

We all know the competition for great staff is fierce. An excellent way for your company to have the edge over other businesses battling to attract the same pool of candidates can be to offer a perk for working at your establishment.  

One example of a non-monetary perk is that offered by King’s Island to Upshifters. Kings Island is a theme park located in Southwest Ohio owned by national theme park operator Cedar Fair. They offer one ticket to Upshifters for every twenty hours they work. This incentive has helped them attract great talent!

Many clients also offer a complimentary meal while at a shift, which is also a great incentive for Upshifters to choose your shift. 

In the light industrial sector, perks tend to focus more on working environment/benefits. Many of

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