How to Kickstart a Freelance Career During Times of Crisis

One day we will all be freelancers. Before COVID-19, this claim sounded like a lifestyle option with the non-precise starting date. Now, in the midst of a pandemic, we have gone through a brutal transition from the desirable to the mandatory working model.

According to one of the most recent Corona Virus Updates by the NPR, another 1.5 million people filed for unemployment benefits for the first time. The number of new claims has contributed to the alarming total of 45.7 million since the beginning of the pandemic. Obviously, things will get much worse before getting any better. The CSA Research conducted a survey that involved “only” one category of freelancers – freelance linguists and translators. One of the survey’s questions was: “How long do you expect COVID-19 to directly affect your business?” The results aren’t encouraging. We’ve already written-off 2020, and we expect COVID-19 to be a part of our lives and careers in 2021. However, we certainly didn’t count on the high percentage of pessimistic answers where’s simply “too soon to tell.”

Copyrights: CSA Research

We are more than safe to assume that all freelancers feel this way and not only freelance linguists and translators. So, let’s

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