How to Get (and Stay) Prepared for Your Shift

It’s hard to describe the thrill and pride you feel when you open an email that says ‘You’re Hired!’ First, there’s excitement for a new opportunity you’ve now gained access to. Then, there’s pride because you were selected from a pool of other applicants. But after, maybe there’s a little bit of nervousness as you prepare to walk into a new place for the first time.

To help you keep that excitement and push past the nervousness, here are some things you can do before (and after) your scheduled shift:


Ask Before You Go


When do I work? – There might be time between when you applied for a shift and when you were hired, so it’s good to double check your calendar to make sure you’re available to work. Verify the date, time and distance from your home to ensure you’re at your worksite on time and not at that doctor’s appointment you forgot you scheduled. Is there recommended transportation or parking available? Nothing’s worse than getting stuck in traffic on your way to work! A helpful tip, ask your hiring manager pre-shift if they have any suggested shortcuts or places to park so you aren’t

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