How to foster a thriving remote work culture for your agency.

Building the perfect team is hard. Attracting, managing and engaging full-time, contract or freelance workers, while maintaining company culture productivity and quality is extremely challenging. How can agencies thrive in today’s talent crisis? Agencies are losing in the war for talent.

Agency teams are in constant flux as they scale up or down, and attempt to replace the revolving door of full-time employees (FTEs). Today’s talent economy doesn’t make this task any easier.

The cost to hire for agencies is on average 2.25x the average salary of an employee. It takes too long to hire: 90 Days for a FTE, 30 days for freelancers. There is a FTE shortage, with over 1/3 of the workforce having transitioned to self-employment and more competition for talent as internal agencies have risen from 58% to 78% over the last 5 years. If talent is everything in this business, why are we making it so hard to get access to the quality needed to get the job done?

Remote work is no longer an opportunity; it is a necessity.

The remote workforce is growing as top talent is switching to freelancing. The way we work is changing, and companies can either

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