How to Effectively Communicate Job Details in Your Post

Avoid applicant information overload by making deliberate communication decisions.


Take the time to think about what you present to job applicants and what you exclusively share with your hired team. All of the information may be important, but the time you share those details can have an impact on comprehension and understanding. If you effectively communicate job details, you’ll end up with a well-informed team.


Details in your Job Description

Your job description is the most important piece of content you will create to generate interest in your opening. This is your opportunity to provide direct examples of skills or experience you are looking for.

Some applicants may be turned away by lengthy descriptions while others may see it as a positive sign. Consider the type of applicant you’re looking for and the job you need to fill when deciding on the amount of detail to include. Don’t be afraid to break up your information into pieces that are easier to read and understand.


Job Title and Duties

It’s tempting to post your company’s catchy job name and jazzy description. We challenge you to think about what a job seeker will search for. If you are

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