How to Earn Your Stars and Take Control of Your Gig Economy Score

“What’s your Uber rating?” We’ve all been there. The moment you launch your app, navigate to the corner of your screen, and hope your rating is higher than the person who just asked. Whether it was an epic coffee spill or a 45-minute phone call with aunt Debbie, your perfect 5.0 has now transitioned to a 4.8. You are now entering the phase known as, ‘The Rating Comeback’, the moment you make it your mission to become the perfect car-guest.

But for the 75 million people in the gig economy who find work through platforms like Uber, TaskRabbit, or Upwork, ratings take on a whole new meaning. You build your reputation on one platform at a time — and your reputation often leads to more jobs and higher earnings. In an industry where five-star ratings and reviews are in the front seat, we’ve taken the top four gig platforms and dissected what it takes to achieve a respected score. 



In the US, drivers complete 40 million rides monthly and average up to $590 per week. The ratings they receive are totally anonymous. Because drivers are unable to see individual ratings left by a person on a particular

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