How to create great video on a freelance budget

People have fallen in love with video content. They spend 88% more time on websites with videos; 84% of consumers buy only after watching a product video; and the average time a person watches video content is expected to go up by 19% in the coming years.

Video marketing is the present and future, and it has become a vital part of content strategy.

Unfortunately, there is a wrong assumption that only large marketing firms can produce videos because of the high cost involved.

The good news is that even freelancers working from home can create awesome video content on a budget. Here’s the secret.

Keep It Simple

In the last few years, the cost of video production has come down significantly. You might already have the tools for creating high-quality videos. It doesn’t matter what device is used — what matters is the end result.

If you can produce a 1080p, professional-looking video with your smart phone or GoPro, then there is no point in investing pricey video recording gadgets. If you have the budget, it might make sense for you to use the video editing services of someone more skilled that will make you look better. Think of your videos as your digital business

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