How to beat imposter syndrome

I recently had a huge realization about the clients I love working with. They’re smart, view me as a thought partner rather than teacher, know what they want and are willing to go after it, and challenge me to show up and do my best co-creative work with them.

Some of them have PhDs and MBAs (letters I do not have after my name) and have, between you and me, always intimidated me a little.

It’s only recently, after having successfully coached several of these clients, that I’m allowing myself to believe our work together is not some terrible mistake. That I am the right person to help these clients clarify their vision, chart a clear path to their desired outcome, and support them every step of the way.

Can you relate?

If you’ve ever resisted…

raising your rates because you think your clients would never pay thatup-leveling the target client you serve (and actually telling the world that’s who you work with now)setting clear boundaries and expectations by asking clients to sign a contract, honor your process, and pay your full fees on timereigning in scope creep, asking for more money for additional work requests, or taking crap from a client who treats you

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