How To Answer the Interview Question, “Why are you a good fit?”

While hiring companies can ask any number of questions when you’re applying to a job, almost all of them will ask some version of, “Why are you a good fit?” With so many ways to answer this broad interview question, it can be difficult to feel confident that your response will stand out from the other applicants’.

We’re here telling you to stop worrying and overthinking your interview answers! This is your chance to highlight your strengths and create a great first impression. Embrace this opportunity to show a hiring manager why you would be a great addition to their team. Don’t be shy and provide concrete examples so the hiring manager couldn’t imagine themselves not hiring you.

Answer this open-ended interview question by addressing two main points in your response. First, you should show a hiring manager why you’re a qualified candidate. Then, prove that your uniqueness elevates you from the rest of the applicants.


Think about answers they want to see

To start, look at the job post itself and try to decide what the hiring manager would be over the moon to see when you answer any interview question. It’s important to never lie, but

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