How to Address Employment Gaps with Hiring Companies

A few generations ago, it was common to see someone settle into their career and spend the majority of their working years at the same company, maybe even in the same role. It used to be seen as a sign of loyalty and stability. Nowadays, it’s more common to see resumes with multiple jobs for various spans of time. You might’ve left one job to find another, experienced a layoff or furlough, or simply needed to step away to focus on a personal goal or issue. Whether this is your first time unemployed and you’re preparing yourself for jumping back into the workforce, or you’ve been in and out of jobs looking for the right fit, here’s how you can address any questions about your employment gaps with confidence.


Don’t Hide Employment Gaps

Seeing a break between two jobs on your resume or application can seem like a glaring red flag. There could be numerous factors that contributed to that period of time, and it’s easy to worry that a hiring manager will only assume the worst. It may seem tempting to try to hide or disguise this to minimize the impact, but it’s crucial that you ensure

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