How the Gig Economy Supports New Workers (& Americans Starting Over)

Whether you entered the workforce shortly before the COVID pandemic or are looking to re-enter as a result of the disruption, one thing is certain: the gig economy can be a viable short or long term option for you to flex as needed. To help you understand how the gig economy supports new workers, we’ve outlined the opportunities it presents for both young professionals and workers re-entering the workforce.

Anyone Can Find Success Outside of Traditional Work

“There is a lot of data showing that most independent contractors embrace their status. Today, around 41 million independent workers generate around $1.3 trillion in economic activity in the U.S. economy,” David Meltzer wrote for the San Antonio Express. “About 85 percent of that is generated by a core of 12 million full-time independent workers…Over 80 percent of these workers reported being full time by choice and profess to have no desire to return to a traditional job.”

The gig economy isn’t a small group of people. It includes freelancers, temporary workers and part-time workers. All of these workers are united in the way they seek and complete jobs outside of a typical employer/employee relationship. The gig economy encompasses work nationwide across numerous

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