How the Gig Economy Supports Generation X and Baby Boomers

Although flexible work is often associated with younger generations, recent studies show that gig work is not restricted to people early in their working lives. It has benefits for all ages engaged with the workforce. There are several reasons that workers in their 50s and older can find success in the evolving gig economy. In today’s society, workers in their 50s are not keen to ‘slow down’. Workers in this age group are still eager and willing to work. The gig economy creates opportunity for this generation of workers to take on new and different roles.

Maribeth Sawchuk explained it best in an article for the Orlando Sentinel:

“The next time you see a feature on the news about a 60-something completing a university degree and starting a new career and they are called “exceptional,” roll your eyes. Accessible education, quality health care, and longer lifespans mean we’ll be seeing more of these reinvented “retirement age” professionals.”

Turning to Gig Work in Your 50s When Traditional Work Isn’t Enough

Some say we are entering a new era of employment as the future of work pivots from the traditional 9-to-5 to picking up shifts and gigs. The gig economy has

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