How Organizations Can Prepare For A Changing Workforce | The Gig Economy Roundup


Gearing Up For The Gig Economy: How Organizations Can Prepare For A Changing Workforce Forbes

As organizations’ ratio of permanent to contract and gig workers shifts, they should evolve how they design workplaces for remote, blended and flexible teams, as well as how they approach performance management and instill data security models. Here are some measures for organizations to consider.

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How to Get (And Stay) Prepared for Your Shift Jobble

Getting hired for a job is exciting. By confirming details, planning your commute and following your hiring manager’s expectations, you’ll check off all of the boxes.

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Everything You Need to Know about Flexible Schedules OWL Labs

With modern technology and employees working from home more than ever, remote work and flexible jobs are predicted to be the future, allowing people to work when, where, and how they are the most productive. Flexible work arrangements also save employers money and improve employee happiness and job satisfaction.

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The post How Organizations

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