How Important Is Digital Friendship For Your Remote Team Culture?

Let’s talk about digital friendship between myth and reality.

It’s easier said than done, isn’t it? Digital friendship is the secret ingredient every productive remote team culture needs, but how does it work for real? How remote team members become and stay good digital friends?

It Takes Much More Than Sending A Happy Birthday Email

Just because you know a couple of things about your remote team members it’s not enough to build sincere and long-lasting friendships in the digital world. You set someone’s birthday reminder, and you feel good about it. In the best-case scenario, you will get a smiley in return.

Digital friendship as a part of the remote team culture has to be built brick by brick, one important step at the time. So, what are the right steps to take?

Five Minutes Right Before or After Your Remote Meetings Are Friendship Boosters

What are you doing while waiting for a remote meeting to begin? Checking your headphones. OK. Waiting for all remote team members to join a call. That’s OK too. Do you have to be silent during those couple of minutes? Exchanging a few words it’s not only a way to break the awkward silence,

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