How freelancers are making commercial photography safer by joining together

This post was written by Galadriel Masterson and Kelley Quan, co-administrators of Think Tank, a group for freelancers in the commercial photography industry. Working with Freelancers Union, the members of Think Tank worked together to develop a safety protocol for workers in their industry, from hair and makeup to tech and props, and distribute it to major clients. If you’re concerned about your safety on-set, download the full protocol here and reach out to

KQ: Somewhere around the beginning of March, I got the feeling that things in my world — commercial fashion and lifestyle photography — were in for a critical shift. Like many of my colleagues, I was afraid of what the COVID-19 future held and was trying my best to prepare. As a freelance hair and makeup artist for the past 28 years, I had experienced some crisis times in New York City for sure — 9/11, the 2008 market crash, just to name a few. But nothing prepared me for what happened after March 15. After the shutdown, everything came to a screeching halt, I had an empty calendar for the first time in decades, and the industry evaporated overnight. I found myself smack in the

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