How COVID-19 Opened My Mind And Got Me A New Job

Life was good! I would say it was amazing. 2020 was supposed to be the best year so far in terms of business. On March 14, everything turned around and we entered this twilight zone.


My parents, especially my dad, worked in tourism since a very young age. They survived war times, business recovered, and in my sister and me they saw the future of their small company that was founded more than 20 years ago.

We got dad’s talent for languages, finished school, and since I am the older one, all eyes were turned to me as I was supposed to take over. It was predetermined. No one really asked me whether I want to be a tourist guide or not, it was happening simply because “that is how things are done”.
I was young, 19, second year at university. I studied economics back then and didn’t really like those numbers (mom did hit me with a calculator several times, trying to explain some things). Dad comes one day from work and says “Jelena, we got a major contract with this huge agency in the USA, please get a license (to become a certified guide)

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