How Calgary’s Communo helped turn John Krasinski’s Some Good News into a viral hit

Part of the charm of John Krasinski’s Some Good News web series was that it all seemed so off the cuff.
The actor/director produced and financed the show himself while isolating with his family during the COVID-19 pandemic. It was shot at his home with the help of his wife, Emily Blunt, and children. He enlisted his celebrity friends to be guests. It all had a distinctly homey feel to it as Krasinski and his famous pals spread good-news stories from their homes to help break through the doom and gloom of life during a pandemic.

But, in reality, the rapid ascent of Krasinski’s series to feel-good viral hit required a lot of attention behind the scenes. He needed support for social media, for GIF analytics, with post-production, editing and distribution. Enter Calgary’s Communo, a tech company that plays “matchmaker” between freelancers and businesses looking to find high-tech talent. Krasinski wrote a profile on the Communo platform and within days he had found companies from Calgary, Nashville and Brooklyn that fit his needs.

“When the pandemic hit, they had been talking about this show for a while,” says Ryan Gill, Communo CEO and co-founder. “But to go to Hollywood or

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