Hourly Workers Will Return to Work If Weekly Unemployment Stimulus Ends

Wonolo, the leading platform disrupting the temporary staffing industry, today released survey showing that 61% of hourly workers will resume working if Congress doesn’t extend the weekly $600 unemployment stimulus bonus.

The report, based on a survey of about 650 gig workers in early August, also shows that many hourly workers (32%) applied for unemployment benefits in the last month but only about half (17%) have actually received benefits.

What isn’t clear is what hourly workers will do for childcare when they return to work. Most workers (60%) revealed they don’t expect to send their children back to school/daycare until 2021.  And 41% said they’re spending more on childcare now than they were last year.

“As the government continues to debate economic relief options and states grapple with whether schools are safe to open, workers are left in limbo,” said Yong Kim, Wonolo’s Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder. “All this, at a time when many businesses including food-production companies, firms supplying grocery stores, and many other essential businesses want more workers and are willing to pay more to get them in the door. Flexible work options, such as those available through Wonolo, are critical right now because flexibility allows people to earn money on their own schedules while balancing childcare needs.”

You can read more about the survey here.