Helping Restaurants to Reopen for Delivery

By: Katie Daire, Senior Director, B2B Marketing

Restaurants are at the core of our local communities and cultures. They’re where we congregate, where we celebrate, and where so many entrepreneurs fulfill their dreams of owning a business. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced thousands of restaurants to close — some temporarily, some permanently. Hit especially hard are Black-owned businesses, who are twice as likely to have closed during the pandemic than other businesses. With each closure a community loses a piece of their identity.

At DoorDash, we are committed to helping restaurants — and the people behind them — through this crisis. That’s why we’ve partnered with Krazy Hog BBQ, a beloved Chicago-area restaurant that was forced to close their doors during the pandemic, to help them reopen for delivery.

The rebirth of a restaurant. The legacy of Black entrepreneurship.

Krazy Hog BBQ, owned by Victor and Dana Cooksey, quickly became the heartbeat of their community. In March of 2020, faced with a statewide executive order to shut down dine-in operations, supply chain shortages, and safety concerns for their staff, the Cookseys made the hard decision to close Krazy Hog BBQ. Since the moment they closed, the Cookseys haven’t stopped fighting for their restaurant and legacy, and today, they officially reopen

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