Harnessing FOMO with Photography to Gain Clients

FOMO is one of the most powerful emotions you can feel. If you don’t know, FOMO stands for fear of missing out. Although you might think back to childhood memories of not being invited to a party, or worse, missing the party for a boring family function, FOMO is a powerful marketing tool used to captivate and influence new audiences.

Owner of Uncommon Originals, and Communo member Claire Bourgeois gave us her insights into the power of FOMO, and how you can harness the powerful feeling to gain clients and increase revenue. 

Keep reading to check out the main takeaways from Claire’s webinar. Missed the webinar? Don’t suffer from FOMO, the recording is below!

#1 Consider your audience

Do you know your audience? If you don’t, you’ll likely have a hard time selling anything to anyone. You can’t reach everyone so it’s important that you are strategic when identifying your target audience. Start by learning what motivates them, then simply show them imagery that appeals to this. Leverage their natural desire to belong by showcasing images your audience can imagine themselves in. 

#2 Show human connection

Showing what you’re selling is important, but FOMO is felt when you

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