Goodlawyer and Communo Partner

Goodlawyer and Communo Partner to Support Freelancers with Micro Legal Help Throughout Canada 

Calgary, Alberta, February 27, 2020– Today, Communo announced its partnership with Goodlawyer. Goodlawyer empowers clients to easily hire the lawyer that best suits their needs and budgets.

Communo and Goodlawyer have partnered to make accessing legal counsel easy, fast and cost effective. This partnership will help Freelancers and Agencies of Communo to access the legal support that they need, when they need it.

“With the rise of self employment, there is a growing need for access to quality legal help at a more affordable price.” said Brett Colvin, CEO of Goodlawyer. “Goodlawyer provides a new option for the emerging generation of entrepreneurs that need access to legal counsel without the retainers of large law firms.”

“Freelancers, and Agencies of all sizes need access to sound legal counsel in the course of running their business. This access doesn’t need to be reserved for large publicly held agencies.” said Patrick Orr, V.P. of Marketing for Communo. “Communo and Goodlawyer can empower all marketers, creatives and agencies with access to lawyers when they need them.”

Communo has all the right talent all in one place. The Communo App and community

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