GoLance Introduces Manually Issued Invoice For Hourly Contracts

Let’s begin by explaining the difference between the regular automatic billing and manual invoicing.

As a freelancer (contractor) on goLance, you don’t need to issue invoices, if you track time with goMeter or log it manually. Meaning, this feature comes in handy when a client and contractor have been working for a long time already, have established mutual trust, track time somewhere else, and want to use goLance mostly as a payment platform.

Manual Invoicing is enabled for all goLance users (clients and freelancers) by default, with an option for clients to disable this feature for any contract of their choosing, so the contractors working on these contracts can’t issue manual invoices.

It is advisable for freelancers to use this feature in a thoughtful way because their clients pay the manual invoices at their discretion. This also means that the invoiced amount is not taken from the client’s goWallet automatically, unlike regular hourly payments. In addition, goLance can’t offer contractor protection for the manually invoiced amounts (the same as for manually added hours).

The “Issue Invoice” button is placed right under to the “Message” button as shown below.

There a few important points to pay attention to when issuing

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