GoLance Featured in Entrepreneur Magazine

When was the last time you have checked out the “goLance Getting Recognized” section?

Well, there have been some recent updates. Actually, quite a few that goLance had to put an extra row on its home page for all new awards and featured article links.

When I joined goLance, the Getting Recognized section had a handful of mentions. Now, we have two rows with almost a dozen prestigious featured articles and awards. Yes, I’m biased. And yes, I’m impressed.

Here’s it how it looks now.

The latest “trophy” among goLance’s recognitions is a featured article in the Entrepreneur Magazine. Oh boy, I’m talking about a journalistic beauty with an eye-catching title you simply can’t ignore:

This Entrepreneur Runs a Thriving $76-plus Million Freelance Marketplace Business with No Employees

The title says it all about remote work, doesn’t it? But, according to the CEO of goLance – Michael Brooks, there’s more to it. Michael has quite a reputation when it comes to one-liners that immediately become popular and widely used quotes in the world of remote workers.

What he actually had on his mind was this line about goLance:

Built by freelancers for freelancers!

And, who

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