GigSmart Adding a One Hour Return Policy for Businesses

GigSmart, a temporary staffing marketplace has announced a One Hour Worker Guarantee to ensure client satisfaction. If any business or individual hiring a GigSmart Worker feel that the Worker is not a good fit for their job, they have one full hour to send the Worker home at no cost to them.

GigSmart’s Get Workers hiring app gives business users a way to instantly connect with a community of over 150,000 skilled, temporary Workers who are looking for local, hourly work. Available coast to coast across the United States, Get Workers users can hire vetted (background and motor vehicle records checked) and insured Workers for short-term Gig shifts instantly or up to 30 days in advance. As an additional benefit, every Worker now comes with the added protection of the One Hour Worker Guarantee.

“We’re building the biggest and most inclusive community of temporary Workers in the United States. We want to make sure our business requesters feel extremely comfortable using GigSmart’s staffing solutions to hire skilled, temporary Workers,” said Rich Oakes, President of GigSmart. “By offering a One Hour Worker Guarantee, there literally is no reason not to try GigSmart if you’re in the market for temporary labor.”

Rich Oakes

In addition to offering the One Hour Worker Guarantee, GigSmart’s temporary staffing apps feature community-vetted ratings and reviews, meaning both the businesses who are hiring and the Workers who are working have the ability to provide feedback once a job is completed. This open-sourced rating and review system results in a higher-quality Get Workers and Get Gigs user base.

Businesses and individuals interested in trying out temporary labor can create a free Get Workers hiring account by visiting or downloading the GigSmart Get Workers iOS or Android mobile apps. 

Available across 24 major U.S. markets, the number of users leveraging GigSmart’s two-sided gig economy platforms are growing significantly month-over-month. Businesses can use the GigSmart Get Workers hiring app to access local, vetted, and insured Workers who can be hired on the fly at low costs with no lead time. Individuals can use GigSmart Get Gigs mobile app to access local, on-demand, and scheduled Gigs available across nearly every industry. 

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