Giggrabbers Now Lets You ‘Shop’ for Freelancers

Giggrabbers has released a new feature called “Freelance Deals” to help people and companies find freelance professionals in a simplistic way that some people may recognize: online shopping. Giggrabbers has always been a company that provides valuable freelance professionals in different areas including graphic design, photography and video, search engine optimization, digital and social media marketing, and many more.

The company aims to match freelance professionals with companies looking to bring on additional talent remotely or to outsource existing services at great rates.

Similar to online shopping, Giggrabbers’ new feature lets hiring personnel pick a specific service for a project from 14 different service categories, narrow down the price point and sort freelance professionals using different filters. Employers can purchase services using an “add to cart” option which then opens up virtual project management, invoicing and communication features.

Giggrabbers intentionally works to help make the process of hiring a freelancer streamlined and seamless. It goes a step further than other players in the industry by providing an educational project planner designed to teach users about freelancers and their specializations. The tool can be used to create individual assignments or to hire a team of freelance professionals for several projects. This particular feature is an aid for both workers and companies. Giggrabbers focuses on the following during this feature release: 

  • Enhancing deliverability and providing freelance services efficiently
  • Leveraging online marketplace technologies to improve supply and demand of global talent and freelance services

About Giggrabbers: Giggrabbers is a complete online-focused company that connects people and companies with freelance professionals to get projects done efficiently. The communication line can work both ways, with a freelancer bidding on a company’s project or, with this new feature, a company finding and hiring a freelancer by purchasing deals. All hiring, payment, and communication is done securely, through Giggrabbers.