Gig work and the opportunity for work schedule flexibility

Guest post by GigNow Recruiter, Charlotte

Perhaps a new full-time job is on the horizon or you have just commenced employment with a new company. The work is enjoyable and things are going well. But then a friend asks you to join them on a once-in-a-lifetime travel adventure later in the year. Or you need to spend time some extended time with family or want to launch a personal project or get certified as a yoga teacher. But your work commitments are such that you won’t have more than a week or two to take off so you have to pass and put your personal life on hold, yet again.

Unfortunately, this is a common scenario for most full-time employees. Unless of course, you are working a contract gig instead of a full-time job and that gig contract end date allows for time off afterwards. More and more employees are turning to gig work as they enjoy the newfound flexibility that contract work brings. The gig economy is growing at a rapid rate and the contingent workforce is already taking advantage of the welcome change to the traditional work pattern.

The idea of gig work is not new. Contractor projects

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