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Freelance Petition to Protect

VBO Nation today announced the launch of a petition to protect the rights of Freelancers and Virtual Business Owners (VBOs) are under attack across the country. It started with California’s AB5 legislation which effectively made freelancing illegal starting on Jan. 1, 2020.

According to the organization, “We are working with freelancers, corporations, special interest groups, and elected officials across the country to bring an end to this disastrous legislation. Its potential impact on millions of independent workers who are contributing trillions of dollars to the U.S. economy is staggering and irresponsible.”

Access to the petition can be found at

2020 Freelancer Report

“Freelancing is booming around the world, driven by the growing global generational shifts,” said Eyal Moldovan, General Manager, Payoneer. “Millennials and Gen Z crave independence and broad, new opportunities with a whopping 54 percent in developed countries starting or planning to start their own businesses. Moreover, 64 percent of those that currently have full time jobs welcome the chance to earn more and broaden their skillsets. Meanwhile, older generations find freelancing a way to stay relevant, and to keep their skills sharp in a world where technology trends and tools change in the blink of an eye. Overall, both freelancers and companies benefit, and what once seemed a novel pursuit has redefined the very nature of the workforce.”

For the full report, please downloadThe 2020 Freelancer Income Report


Fiverr announced the launch of Fiverr Logo Maker, bringing the power of artificial intelligence to Fiverr’s best creative talent. Fiverr sellers now have the opportunity to monetize their existing design portfolio by instantly producing hundreds of logo permutations using AI-based tools developed by Fiverr. For buyers, the powerful service streamlines the logo creation process allowing them to rapidly personalize and customize original, handmade designs created by Fiverr sellers. 


Global freelancing marketplace leader MicroWorkers is partnering with Ontology to speed up payments and to secure identity and reputation data on the blockchain for its over 1.5 million workers. MicroWorkers will use ONT to make near-instant and low-fee payments to a targeted group of global freelancers. Workers and employers will be able to use their ONTO digital wallets to receive and send crypto payments. They will also be able to securely store and share their account history and reputation data through their ONT ID on-chain, encrypted and under their sole control.