From a Jobbler: How I turned a gig into my full time job

The rise of the gig economy is allowing workers to expand their networks and make those one-time jobs into something more. How do I know this works? Well, I started as a Jobbler in 2015 and, after some steady gigs, earned a permanent position with Jobble’s HQ in 2019. Whether you are a full time freelancer or someone who works gigs as a side hustle, here are three ways you can make sure the doors don’t close when the gig ends.


1. Get your foot in the door

While in college, I looked for side jobs to bring in extra money and kept an open-mind when it came to job types. I applied to events, administrative work, cleaning/housekeeping, freelance writing…basically anything that would produce a paycheck.

When I found a Craigslist post seeking workers for a convention in 2015, I immediately downloaded the Jobble app, filled out my profile, and sent my application. Within a few days, I had been hired, given the job details, and found myself in a staff shirt surrounded by Jobblers and excited attendees.

Before I applied, I didn’t know how much I’d love working a convention. As soon as it ended, I was

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