Freelancing with a disability

In a lot of ways, freelancing is the perfect career. You make your own hours. You set your own rules, and you get to pick your clients and your projects. Best of all, your career depends on nothing and no one but you.

But freelancing also comes with its fair share of liabilities. The most significant? The very fact that your career does depend on nothing but you. And that means that you bear all of the risk, as well as all the reward.

That ramps up the stakes for any freelancer. But when you have a disability, the stakes of freelancing are that much higher. The simple truth is that persons with disabilities, unfortunately, often have fewer career options.

This is due to a combination of factors. Though it is illegal to discriminate against qualified candidates, legitimate or not, recruiters may still fear that a candidate’s disability may impact their ability to do the job. Your particular health circumstances might also make it unfeasible for you to work a traditional full-time job.

No matter your reasons for getting into freelancing, with a bit of planning and some commitment, chances are that you’ll find that freelancing isn’t just a choice, it’s the choice. That’s

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