Freedom to freelance: Bella Carter

America’s freelancing population is growing–and currently takes up over a third of the country. As more people trade in their 9-to-5 schedules for greater flexibility and variety in their careers, we want to know what it’s like to make the change–the good, the bad, and the “ugh, I accidentally spent four consecutive days on my couch.”  

To start, we have actor, comedian and writer Bella Carter (@bellac_arter) talking about the “aha” moment that made her want to freelance, how working remote is less lonely than she expected, and the importance of building lasting professional relationships.

[Photo: Meghan Marin/@meghanmarin]

What made you decide to freelance? Did you make an active choice to leave a full-time job?

BC: When I was working a full-time job, I was watching a lot of creative opportunities pass me by. There were some things I had to flat out say “no” to because I knew I couldn’t leave my desk for more than 15 minutes. I had a moment of clarity and realized I would never get where I wanted if I was sitting behind a desk. In order for me to advance my career, I had to make an active choice to take the plunge and pave my

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