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How To Fill Up Your Work Schedule (Without Overbooking) Jobble

It’s easy to get caught up in applications and coordinating dates but it’s important to keep yourself organized so you can fill your schedule with flexible work without stretching yourself too thin. Before you start accepting and confirming jobs, here are a few housekeeping tips to keep yourself both busy and organized.

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Fintech Shaping The Gig Economy For The Better Medium

Digital platforms have the potential to do more than just provide goods and services and facilitate payments, but also to help legitimize and regulate the gig economy.

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Hiring On-Demand Consultants And Advisors As The Gig Economy Matures Forbes

Companies are realizing that the quickest and most efficient way to get specialized talent is to hire them as project-based gig workers. Corporate boards and executive teams are hiring experts who can provide high-level advice on how to take advantage of business and technology trends while also delivering tactical insights on implementation.

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