Find your creative flow

Creativity is a much-studied activity that no one truly understands. Some of what we don’t understand about it includes:

How it occursWhat triggers itHow we can control it

In this post, I intend to write entirely about my own experiences doing – and not doing – creative work.

Creativity Is a Flow

One of the first things I noticed about my own creativity is that it just flows out of me. I can have a creative thought in the shower, at dinner, walking along, chatting with friends, reading a book, watching TV or a film, listening to music, even falling asleep.

I’m not really able to turn it off. I have given birth to creative thoughts in the strangest places, at the least appropriate times, in the most difficult circumstances. Over the years, I learned to write down a lot of this stuff, because when the creative fever passes, I often can’t recall what I was thinking while I was in its throes.

I Can’t Force Creativity

Although creative ideas flow out of me with astounding regularity, the flow is not under my conscious control.

As I said, I’m not able to “turn off” my creativity, and – logically enough – I’m not really able to “turn on”

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