Featured goLancer: Sristi Priya

Our Featured goLancer Sristi Priya is a Computer Science Engineer who has been working for one company for over 3 years as an SEO account manager. In addition, she has managed websites and social media accounts. She is an expert when it comes to affiliate marketing. She has worked with clients from the USA, the UK, Ireland, Australia, and Canada. She has also written numerous content pieces including blogs, descriptions, and she is actively contributing to Quora. She has quite a passion for writing.

Sristi Priya lives in Ranchi, India and she has a goal of making it big with freelancing. This is her story.

goLance: Sristi when did you decide to become a freelancer and why? Is freelancing your only and main source of income or you provide your services on some other basis?

Sristi: Spending 10 hours in the office and then commuting back to my home after bearing with the traffic was not something I wanted to do for the rest of my life. To add to it, I feel a certain level of satisfaction when the client is happy. I want to do it on a much bigger scale, and for that, freelancing is just what

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