Featured goLancer: Slobodan Matijevic

This Featured goLancer is living proof that you can never be too late to try and learn new things. Slobodan Matijevic is a successful entrepreneur and small business owner who has decided to explore the freelance universe on goLance as an enthusiastic Java and web app developer. This is Slobodan’s inspirational story:

goLance: When and why have you decided to become a freelancer? What was the most important reason or motivation for you?

Slobodan: A short while after I became a father for the second time, I decided to give freelancing a go. Although there were many 9-5 jobs available, they were all time-consuming because a 9-5 job never really finishes at that time. You have to get there early and often enough you have to leave your workplace later than supposed 5 pm. Having that in mind, freelancing was the perfect option as I’d have more time to spend with my family while also earning money.

goLance: What are your strongest freelance skills and which ones you plan to improve further?

Slobodan: I mainly edited photos in Photoshop, and also edited pictures in Corel for screen printing. Also, I have a lot of experience creating tables in Excel. I’ve

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