Featured goLancer: Ray Smith

Before Ray Smith began his own photography business, he used to work for one of the finest catalog producers in the world (Cabela’s). He edited and retouched over 7500 images a year and Ray’s work was seen by more than 200,000,000 people in 125 countries. He edited nearly everything: clothing, sunglasses, jewelry, bedding, guns, model shots ect. You name it, Ray saw it daily. Ray specialized in product and e-commerce editing, but he’s also versed in all forms of photo manipulation and design.

Ray is now the owner and lead photographer of Best Foot Forward Photography, a successful start-up venture. He has successfully combined his 6 years of world class photo editing experience with his 10 years of photography experience to bring the best in digital imagery. He specializes in clean and crisp white background images designed to appear on Amazon and other online outlet stores.

goLance: Ray when did you decide to become a freelancer and why? Is freelancing your only and main source of income or you provide your freelance services on some other basis?

Ray: I began my freelance venture in 2014 as a way to make a little extra side cash. I was working full-time as

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