Featured goLancer: Jelena Grgas

Hello world, my name is Jelena. Born and raised in Split, in a family of a tourist guide and an accountant. During my first years, mum and dad worked in one of the biggest tour operators in Yugoslavia, allowing me to use city centre where they had their offices as my playground. I never really thought one day those narrow streets and squares will be my office, but today I am proud to be a representative of my town. Dad has a talent for languages, so both me and my sister got them.

I speak English, Spanish, Italian and a bit of French, which helped me a lot during education, as I went from foreign-language oriented high school to, first, Faculty of Economics and Marketing to Hotel Management and Hospitality. During my college years I became a licensed tourist guide and slowly, as I was doing research for what would be my first summer job, started writing some Blogs and with the help of a cousin got interested in web design. 10 years later, every year I do around 500 tours, wrote hundreds of articles in gaming, tourism and racing categories and created 30+ websites, mostly for guides and local

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